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Fast Gastric Balloon Dubai Based Weight Loss Process

Ram Kumar
Feb. 25, 2016

Advanced Laser Surgery Dubai Hospitals Offer Make them The Finest and Most Affordable

Looking good is not just a cosmetic thing. It helps you advance socially and professionally. Little things such as pigmentation, scars and spots can make a lot of difference to the way you look and to your self confidence as well as to the way people perceive you. Warts, skin conditions caused by skin diseases, injuries and infections can play havoc with your looks. Ageing is another great enemy with folds and wrinkles really weighing you down. Even if it means spending money it pays to look good.

Traditional methods of cosmetic treatments involve surgery with a scalpel, dermabrasion and chemical peeling. Lasers have now taken over and have proved to be practically indispensable for sophisticated cosmetic treatments, reducing costs and inconvenience to patients. With laser facilities available in laser surgery dubai based clinic all a patient has to do is undergo a preliminary examination, fix a date for the surgery, walk in and walk out after a couple of hours. Lasers have cut short the time required for cosmetic treatments and also cause fewer side effects and discomfort for patients undergoing treatments. Surgeons may use CO2 laser for resurfacing and for removal of thin layers while minimizing damage to the skin. YAG lasers are wonderful tools for the purpose of removing deep lines and wrinkles with even fewer side effects than CO2 lasers.

Laser technology has made immense strides in recent years with treatments including laser along with light and radio frequency for extended cosmetic surgery that not only comes in useful for skin restructuring and resurfacing but also for removing wrinkles and deep lines, collagen remodeling, shaping and contouring thebody and for dissolving fat and cellulite in conjunction with vacuum techniques. Even conditions such as warts, rhytids, melasma and acne scars are light work for lasers.

If people with a yen for fine countenance and excellent skin find laser surgery Dubai clinics offer a perfect solution, so do obese who come here for laser lipolysis. Liposuction is painful and leaves behind scars in addition to being a time consuming and expensive surgical procedure to remove fat.Laser Lipolysis, on the other hand, is a simple process that achieves the same effect but with far less collateral damage and time consumption. A patient only needs to walk in at the appointed time on any day, undergo the surgery and walk out before the evening. Laser lipolysis is not only resorted to by obese and overweight but also by normal people desirous of attaining sculpted good looks and a contoured shape for their bodies.  The laser destroys cellulite and, when used in conjunction with vacuum, removes fat cells painlessly. 

If you wish to look good, remove excess fat, acquired contoured shape, resurface or refine your skin and its tone, then visiting Dubai gets you a chance to go shopping duty free as also a consultation with expert surgeons and set up a date for the process using ablative, non-ablative, solely laser or lasers in conjunction with light, RF or vacuum according to your condition. The day process saves on hospital bills and is equivalent to visit a spa but with a major difference: you emerge transformed.

Obese people are at risk of several health issues such as hypertension and diabetes. If you are advised to lose anything from 10 to 30 kgs of weight there are several options. One way is to exercise but people with severe weight problems may not be able to sustain strenuous physical activity. In order to lose 1 kg weight or fat you would have to burn about 7700 calories. This has to be supplemented by diet control and lifestyle changes. How difficult this is can be judged from the fact that one hour’s strenuous physical activity will burn only about 500 calories whereas a person can easily eat in excess of 3000 calories each day.

 The other options open are liposuction and laparoscopic gastric binding, both of which have possible adverse side effects besides being extended and expensive surgical procedures. One of the better and easier methods is a non-surgical day process. The process of implantation of gastric balloon Dubai based hospitals offer is painless and one of the finest methods to help people lose weight in an easy way.


Why and how is this process of gastric balloon Dubai based non-surgical process far better than other methods if you wish to lose weight?

  • This is a non surgical process.
  • The process is carried out during the day time and patients undergoing the minor operation need not stay overnight.
  • A qualified surgeon with the assistance of an anaesthist and nurses, carries out the implantation of the gastric balloon in a process that lasts 20 minutes. After that patients recover from the effects of anesthesia while being monitored by nurses. After a couple of hours they are free to leave.
  • The actual process involves the use of an endoscope to place a balloon inside the patient’s stomach. Once in place it is filled with a sterile saline solution and the ends of the balloon are sealed.
  • The filled balloon occupies nearly half or more of the area of the stomach. This by itself gives a feeling of fullness and it is not possible for a person to eat more. This helps in losing weight in a safe and painless way. Fewer calories intake each day means the body makes used of stored energy and burns fats resulting in weight loss.
  • The gastric balloon dubai specialists insert is usually kept in place for about 6 months and is then removed in an equally quick and painless way. No surgery or medication is involved.
  • There is no danger or any side effect once the balloon is in place. At worst it can develop a leak in which case the methylene blue dyed saline fluid is easily accepted by the body and coloured urine shows the presence of a leak. Patients can visit the surgeon to have the balloon removed but there is no urgency.

This process could be expensive when performed in USA or Europe but when it is done in Dubai the price is much more affordable without any compromise on the quality of service. Dubai has some of the finest and advanced medical infrastructure facilities in the Middle East.


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