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Loosing digestion with age

Dr. Ankur
Jan. 14, 2011

With age you start to loose your strength and become more vulnerable to diseases and chronic conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, arthritis etc. First to get affected are bones as the calcium content starts deteriorating. Although old age cannot be stopped or every human being has to face this truth, every individual get old differently. Some are bedridden by the time they touch sixties, some are struck to wheel chair or some may even be living with full enthusiasm.

Old age is result of how well you have lived in your young age and middle age. If you have tampered with your body by overeating, alcohol, drugs or sexual abuse then by the time you are old your body is the house of different diseases like obesity, liver problems etc. And if you have strictly followed the laws of nature and led a good disciplined life, then during your old age too you have body with enough resistance and strength to combat various diseases. Genetics too play a major role in deciding the infliction of diseases on your body.

Loosing digestion due to old age is a common thing. During old age all the activities slow down. Even the process of chewing as well as swallowing is very slow. The teeth are not at their sharpest best so the food particles are not broken into pieces properly. Due to this the digestion system has to work more. Also the digestive fluids in the body start dwindling during old age which also leads to problems such as constipation and indigestion. The speed of saliva formation also slows down. The saliva in the mouth is known to secrete digestive enzymes which moistures the food so that each morsel is finely broken down in small particles. This supplements good digestion process.

Also during the old age the face and jaw muscles droop down and loose their elasticity. Hence the taste buds do not respond and the food feels tasteless when eaten. This also decreases the urge to eat properly.

Tips for good digestion during old age

When you know that aging is a normal process and you have to live with the truth, you need to find out some solution to your problem by making changes in your behavior and habit. You cannot eat or live the way you lived during youth. When you know that your digestion is loosing due to old age it is time for you to change your diet.  Instead of heavy, oily food, you can go for more liquid or smoothly blended food. This will not put much stress on your teeth and you can simply swallow it down. Even the digestion process will quicken up as it will get a ready finely broken juicy food.

Digestion process during old age takes much more time to digest and many times the lunch does not get digested till dinner. At such times, a juice or smoothie should be preferred so that the stomach gets more time to digest food.

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Posted By :Anonymous         On :Jan. 30, 2012

All my life I had very rare flatulence. Now at 63, call me Pooty Pootwell. I sometimes cannot control this and it's driving me nuts. How can I solve this?

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