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Age-Related Hearing Loss


Age related hearing loss is partial or impartial loss of hearing that occurs with the growing age. People above 40 years of age are most commonly affected by the condition. But, that does not imply that young people cannot get affected by the condition. As per the reports of one of the surveys done in America, it is observed that hearing loss is considered as one of the most prevalent problems experienced by mature people. The condition is often recognized with other names such as hearing loss-age related and presbycusis.

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It is a common tendency that as a person gets older; his cochlear hairs’ cells started getting damaged. And this damage eventually results in high frequency hair loss that started taking place in middle age only. Hearing loss is permanent as hair cells do not grow again. Exposure to high noise and genes are considered as few other prominent reasons that cause age related hearing loss. Apart from these factors, family history, certain medications, medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies and smoking are also few reasons that contribute to presbycusis.

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Signs & Symptoms

Person experiences impartial or partial hearing loss slowly over the time. Primarily, a person faces difficulty in hearing normal sound. With the passage of time, the condition becomes worst. Some of the most common symptoms experience by the sufferer includes:

  • Difficulty in hearing at noisy areas
  • High pitched sounds like “th” or “s” becomes difficult to distinguish
  • Ringing in the ears

It is important to disclose that the symptoms of age related hearing loss is similar to other medical conditions. Therefore, before taking any treatment, it is advised to consult with the health care provider.

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No prevention exists for the problem.

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ADL modification Modern Medicine

There is no sure-fire way of treating age related hearing loss completely and effectively. In its treatments, attempts are made to improve the hearing capacity of the person not to restore the normal hearing. And that can be done by following measures:

  • By making use of various kinds of hearing aids
  • Sign language (for severe hearing loss)
  • Speech reading such as making use of visual cues, and lip reading
  • Assistive devices like telephone amplifiers
Diet changes Modern Medicine

Nutritional deficiencies are also counted among one of the reasons of age related hearing loss. Therefore,it is advised that by taking diet rich in Vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B-12 and zinc chances of hearing loss can be minimized. If a person is incapable enough of taking vitamins through diet, then he can opt for vitamins supplements. Vitamins supplements are easily available at the market at cost-effective rates.

Surgey Modern Medicine

For treating severe cases of hearing loss, sometimes health professionals recommend cochlear implant surgery to place the implant.

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