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Parkinson'S Disease


The Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the Central Nervous System of the body. It mostly impairs the motor skills and speech and other functions of the body. It is more common in men above 60 years of age. The problem starts with the damage in part of the brain which controls muscle movements. Every Human being has neurons which release chemical called dopamine. This chemical controls the motor movements of the body. Once around 80% of the cells creating dopamine are destroyed, the Parkinson’s disease begins. In the year 1817 James Parkinson described this disease for the first time, so it was named after his honor. Parkinson’s disease shows significant neuropsychiatric disturbance such as mood swings and other behavioral disorders. Around 58% of patients have been complaining about depression and apathy.

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It may be caused by plethora of known or unknown reasons. Most of the reasons are idiopathic in nature i.e. the reason is unknown. Some may also be caused due to the genetic mutations or else toxic drugs, head trauma and their likes.

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Signs & Symptoms

    * The patient will suffer from automatic dysfunction, cognitive and neurobehavioral problems.
    * The tremor is yet another common symptom of this disease. It is mostly seen between 4 and 6 Hz (cycles per second). Studies show that around 30% of the Parkinson’s disease patients do not develop tremor symptoms just at the onset of the disease. It is mostly caused after the disease progress.
    * There is a certain kind of rigidity and joint stiffness and increased muscle tone.
    * There is slow down or complete loss of movements in certain cases.
    * The patient may also feel postural instability and dystonia, which means abnormal sustained painful twisting of the muscles; it mostly affects foot and ankle.
    * There is significant speech and swallowing disturbances.
    * One may also feel dysphagia, impaired swallowing ability.
    *   There may be increased amount of sleep which may be increased due to the intake of drugs.
    * Insomnia is also seen in most of the cases.

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There is no prevention for this grave disease.

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Neuro Rehabilitation Modern Medicine

The surgery was considered to be a popular method of treatment, though after the discovery of levodopa, the usage of surgery was restricted to few cases only. Neuro Rehabilitation is also one of the strong methods of treatments. There are certain alternative medicines available in the market as well which is used for treating Parkinson’s disease. But, all these modes of treatments have limited scope of work only.

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